Using our turning expertise, we produce bespoke profiles that can be machined to high tolerances. From simple, straight profiles to complex curved or conical profile castings, we machine parts that are not only functional, but offer great aesthetic value as well.


At NCA, we credit our exceptional milling expertise to our years of involvement in the plastic engineering business. Our skilled workforce have milled hundreds of plastic components of varying specifications in both prototype and mass-production quantities.


Our high-speed, top-of-the-line CNC routers are designed for extremely precise routing of plastic engineered products. These modern machines have been specifically selected to meet the small to high volume customer demand.

Acrylic Casting

We use our proprietary polishing technology and our in-depth expertise to produce acrylic components that offer exceptional clarity and a smooth, clean finish. Some of the polishing techniques that we use at NCA include buffing, flame polishing, vapour polishing, and optical machining.

Annealing and Normalising

UV Digital Printing