Plastic Pipework Fabrication

NCA are known for our work as leading plastic pipework fabricators. We manufacture a range of high quality pipework and  fittings as well as bespoke valves and accessories for a range of commercial industries. Our workshop employs modern production and fabrication techniques in order to supply complex pipework fabrications in the full range of engineering plastics.

Our plastic pipework and fittings are available in:

  • UPVC             
  • CPVC             
  • ABS                
  • Polyethylene             
  • Polypropylene           
  • PVDF

Quality Assured

We deliver work of the highest quality. This is an essential part of the culture of our company. All our fabrication and machining work is done under our ISO 9001-2015 certified Quality Assurance procedures.

NCA, Your Plastic Pipework Manufacturer

At NCA we believe in offering bespoke solutions to each client and offer guidance from design through to engineering. Working closely with both our suppliers and clients, we are able to provide high quality solutions that meet the specification, budget and time constraints of each job. Along with the standard pipework fabrication methods, NCA has developed in-house technology to flare stub ends in PVC and to pull branches from the pipe wall itself. By doing this the pressure rating of the pipe is maintained and there is no requirement for a joint in the pressure system, both giving a high performance, cost effective fabrication. Known for our innovation and solutions focused approach we take pride in producing pipework and fittings of the highest quality and standards. 

The close relationship and experience that is shared between our machining and fabrication departments gives NCA the ability to supply complete turnkey solutions to all industries and applications. With all work undertaken in-house or on site, NCA can supply pressure rated pipework with socket fusion, butt fusion, electrofusion and solvent glued joints. View more of our plastic pipework fabrication at our sister company AC Plastic Development

High-quality plastic pipework fabrication

We deliver work of the highest quality. This is an essential part of the culture of our company with all of our pipework fabrication and machining work done under our ISO 9001-2015 certified Quality Assurance procedures. 

For more information, a quotation or to discuss your requirements, contact our teams via or 01928 790209.