Plastic Machining Services

NCA Ltd are one of the UK’s most established plastic machining companies and specialise in machine engineering plastic components using highly advanced technologies. Custom designed to meet the precise production requirements of each client, our high-precision machining technologies ensure unparalleled value to businesses in terms of product quality and cost savings. As a result, our precision manufacturing expertise is trusted by businesses for a variety of medical and industrial applications.

Our plastic machining capacity allows our team to machine complex designs with great precision using our advanced CNC machining technologies allowing for consistently high quality parts and products to be produced at both small and large scale production levels.

Our plastic machining facility houses an extensive range of dedicated equipment including CNC machines, cutters, routers, lathes, drills and mills. Led by our team of experienced and innovative engineers, we are able to produce high quality precision machined components that meet the specifications of each client.

Plastic CNC Machining

We take pride in offering full plastic machining services that offer reliability, quality and the ability to manufacture intricate components and parts to customers across the world. Our extensive knowledge of each stage of plastic machining means that we are able to advise clients as to the cost effective solutions available and offer support in the completion of each project.

Plastic Materials Machined

NCA offer a large range of plastic materials to suit the needs of each client including Polypropylene, Delrin, UHMWPE, HDPE, Acrylic, PET, PVDF and Polycarbonate. Our tailored solutions and services enable our clients to meet procurement and project deadlines, receive finished products of exceptional quality and durability and to work with a trusted supplier, 

For more information, a quotation or to discuss your requirements, contact our teams via or 01928 790209.