Plastic Reverse Engineering

By September 21, 2020NCA news
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Welcome back to the NCA Ltd blog where we bring you the latest developments from our plastic fabrication company. Based in the north west, for over 40 years our teams have produced a range of products for many industries including the pharmaceutical, food and aerospace industries. Often, many of our clients will approach us looking for a design to be created from an existing component that they have in their possession. In today’s blog we talk about the reverse engineering of plastic parts.

Plastic reverse engineering can be used in a number of ways to produce a new part from an existing component. For example, if a part is made from materials such as metal or fiberglass our engineers are able to reverse engineer the item into thermoformed plastic parts. Typically these are medium to large components that can be made lighter and/or more cost effective with a thermoformed part.

Reverse Engineering Process

With our extensive plastic engineering expertise, plastic prototyping and experience within the production of plastic pipework  we can help with the development and converting of existing components into a plastic. We help our clients to: 

  • Review the existing part for form, fit and function
  • Formulate the design concept in plastic
  • Create electronic CAD files of the plastic part
  • Complete the process by manufacturing the new part with plastic thermoforming

Reverse engineering a part or component has a number of benefits, including: 

  • Less weight and all its accompanying benefits, such as lower fuel consumption and less structural stress
  • Lower manufacturing cost
  • Higher strength-to-weight ratio
  • Greater flexibility in product design

Our dedicated team of plastic fabrication experts offer the following services that align with your corporate and project goals: 

  • Reverse engineering to transform parts to thermoformed plastic
  • 3D CAD modelling using SolidWorks software
  • Tool design
  • CNC programming 
  • Plastics engineering for thermoforming
  • Plastics design for manufacturability (DFM)

For more information on our plastic reverse engineering services,  contact our team today via or on 01928 790209.