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What are Chromatography Columns? | News | NCA Ltd

What are Chromatography Columns?

What are Chromatography Columns

Welcome back to the NCA blog where we bring you the latest developments from our acrylic and plastic engineering company. Central to our recent expansion and offering of both new services, we want to take the opportunity with this blog to explore one of our key products: Chromatography Columns. As a leading manufacturer of chromatography columns NCA Ltd have, for over 30 years, produced custom made Chromatography Columns for a range of industries and uses. In today’s blog, we explore the use of chromatography columns and why NCA Ltd is at the forefront of their production.

What is chromatography? 

Chromatography is a technique used in laboratories to separate a given mixture. Firstly, the mixture is dissolved into a fluid which is referred to as the mobile phase. The fluid carries the mixture through a structure that holds a different material and is known as the stationary phase. The various parts of the mixture travel at different speeds which causes them to separate based on the differential between the mobile and stationary phase. Chromatography can be used for a variety of purposes such as the purification of a material as a way to either prepare it for use in another process or to separate it for analytical purposes. 

What is a chromatography column?

A Chromatography column is a piece of technology that is used in chromatography to separate the chemical compounds within a mixture. The chromatography column contains the stationary phase of the process and allows the mobile phase to pass through. 

What is the difference between a liquid chromatography column and a gas chromatography column?

Liquid chromatography columns were originally made from glass and have since been replaced by more modern methods such as acrylic chromatography columns. In order to stop the stationary phase mixture leaking out a net inside is usually applied and is often made from stainless steel, ceramic or a polymer. Gas columns were once more popular and have since been replaced by liquid chromatography columns. Previously, gas columns were made of glass or metal and packed with particles of the solid stationary phase. The amkot difference between liquid and gas columns is that within liquid columns the mixture is passed through the process through a liquid solution whereas the sample is passed through the equipment during the gas phase in a gas column. 

Why use NCA to produce your chromatography columns?

Each of our chromatography columns is bespokely made for each client to exceptional standards. We pride ourselves on being able to work closely with each client to fulfill their brief and requirements, helping to create innovative engineered solutions. Our fully equipped workshop allows our team to work at each phase of a project and to control the quality to the highest of standards.

For more information on our services, contact our team via  nca@ncaltd.co.uk or on 01928 790209.