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What is plastic prototyoing? How does it work? | NCA Ltd

What is plastic prototyping?

plastic prototyping service

What is plastic prototyping? 

Plastic prototyping, as the name suggests,is the process of using specific techniques to create a 3D, real world physical model of a design idea or brief. Plastic prototypes are used to create a physical model that can be used before full production is started to refine the design and to test the engineering. Economical and quick to develop, plastic prototyping allows for ideas to be explored without the commitment to a full line of production or a finalised design. 

NCA Ltd offer a comprehensive plastic prototyping service from our fully-equipped modern workshop. Using the latest design and fabrication technology and equipment, our experienced teams of engineers produce high quality, cost-effective plastic prototypes design to the exact specifications and requirements of each client. Each of our prototypes are designed to withstand testing allowing you to have confidence before a=confirming the final run and investing in tooling and manufacturing.

We are proud to offer a service that blends design, production and advanced prototyping technologies to provide you with the perfect solution for your plastic prototypes and low volume needs.

The benefits for rapid plastic prototyping include

  • Physical model of the product concept
  • Testing before production
  • Resolve and find design flaws
  • Expand sizes, colours and finishes 

At NCA we have over 40 years of experience in plastic fabrication and acrylic engineering. Our in house team work with each client to assist in both the design and fabrication of products and we are proud to offer a comprehensive plastic prototyping service. 

Our design and engineering teams work with each client to advice effective solutions and assist in the engineering and design stages of the product drawing on our industry leading experience and expertise. 

For more information on our plastic prototyping service, contact our team on nca@ncaltd.co.uk or via 01928 790209.